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Ikävä Pii

Special Guest

Ikävä Pii (finnish for "the ugly P" or "the nostalgic P", real name Giacomo Paciolla) is an omnivorous and passionate musician, DJ and vinyl enthusiast, producer and songwriter (writing for EMI Publishing, then Sony/ ATV). The records he selects are connected by the fil rouge of a weirdness,distinctly perceivable also in his tracks and re-edits. His sound is a signature pastiche of cosmic-afro, disco, leftfield house and other oddities which animate a daring and irreverent exploration; this 
particular attitude shaped the course of the research of his collective KBRK (pronounced "Kubrick"), based in his hometown Bari (south Italy), with whom Giacomo runs the club inside a multifunctional cultural centre, named Exviri. There he hosted (and usually played with) the likes of Gerd Janson, Prins Thomas, Moscoman, Wolf Muller, Man Power, Fabrizio Mammarella, Marvin & Guy and many more; in his previous residency (at Eremo Club, Molfetta, IT) he played alongside big names like Âme, Barnt, David August, or the fellow italians Fango and Agents of Time (with whom he produced tracks under the moniker "I Read Wilde" which have been distributed by Kompakt). His newest tracks are gonna be released on various labels in 2017