Yup. It happened to us again. Too fast. Another Teder summer season is over. True, not really, because as we promised in the beginning of the year, our wandering days are over and we are here to stay, all year round. You didn't here us babbling about the approaching winter. Teder forever it is. And even though we already passed our first round of coats with you, we needed to disappear for two days, take a final fine-tuning break, so we can unofficially start our first winter together. But wait, we don't want to let this summer become nostalgic already. It doesn't deserve it, it was kind to us, sometimes too kind. Shall we remind you?

This season started with a goodbye. With a closure. we took our truck on a final ride and returned to an immobile studio, like in the days of the first Teder. But since then our family has broadened and the amount of friends that visited the studio, the permanent ones and the new ones, was almost ridiculous. Tel Aviv has become a club-superpower in the past year, and as a part of that we were happy to host, almost every weekend, talents from all over the world that stopped by our studio one moment before they blast a dance floor in a club arpund the city. Andras Fox, Trevor Jackson & Lovefingers are just a few of the top-notch selectors that participated in the Romano's "Selectors" line this year (All of the Selectors sets here). Old friends such as Bradley Zero and Cosmo Vitelli came back to do special shows with members of the Teder's extended family. Central station people of The Block, lead by Amichay Matias, made sure to give us weekly update of House, Techno and other dance floor matters, with special guests from Israel and abroad such as the Motor City Drum Ensemble, alongside collaborations with other clubs in the city that came to warmup, like Daniel Avery, Auntie Flo, & 808 State. Before you get tired of all the namedropping, more shows with international guests can be found here.

The aerial train of guests was balanced with Yogo, in one of the freshest and most unpredictable shows that started this year, Israeli Party. Songs that Yotam Likes As Well (Yotam Avni) was the same, because you could find on it everything that Avni likes, and you never thought you'd hear him play. With it we had the chance to get excited from a few new shows and friends; We got a new neighbour, Zilly, that manages the BVRLY record store with a big heart, and hosted a weekly show with the best selectors and culture people of the town. We also had multi-cultural, rhythm-crossing and genre-bending shows like Cultura (Tali Ben Itzhak), Bamia Depresia (Tai Ronna), Color Memory (Lily Haz) and of course The Azoulay Bros. (Nimrod & Kevin Azoulay) reminded us that we don't know all that is good, and there's always someone new who does.

It was a hot, smoky summer. We shared a doobie with the the Future Gang (Moshik, Mad Apple and Shekel) on Trap House. We passed the doobie on to the Raw Tapes beat crew, while they spin another season of Reels. We strengthened the connection to our roots with Voices from Africa, and dived in with one of the deepest, most interesting shows in our program, Flash It (Ranking Ron) that took us into Dub and Reggae, on the radio as well as on our magazine.

And finally, some visual memories of magical moments that made our summer. 

 Hila Ruach in one of the most moving live shows we held this year
One of our biggest moments of all time. A Castle in Time Orchestra with a tribute to Ennio Morricone
 Tatran tear the Teder apart
An insane space ball in the Sylvester party
 A threesome with Buttering Trio
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