The American Indie singer Washed Out reveals us his Youtube gems which helped shape his most recent album, Mister Mellow

I spent a lot of time looking for samples on Youtube while putting together my most recent album - so these songs are a few I discovered during that process.

There are a lot of different styles and genres here - but what ties everything together is a very raw, unpolished vibe to the recordings that I really like and strive for in my own work.

I hope you all enjoy these obscure gems!

Manzel - Midnight Theme (1979)


Manzel - Midnight Theme

Barney Blair Perry - Night Life

Susan Cadogan - Nice and Easy

Uku Kuut - Vision of Estonia

Schoenherz - Between Judgement and Madness

Rah Band - Messages from the Stars

Little Beaver - Let the Good Times Roll

C.M. Cordio & F. Vinciguerra - Quips and Cranks

Franco Micalizzi - Bargain With The Devil

Deodato - Adam's Hotel

The Gaturs feat. Willie Tee - Concentrate

Gary Davis - Stay with Me

Jaymz Bedford - Happy Music

Linear Movement - Way Out of Living

Codek - Closer

American Spring - Forever