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Mixed Frequency #5 - David Sousa & Mads Schmidt

David Sousa & Mads Schmidt is a DJ-duo based in Copenhagen known for their vagina-friendly sounds.Spinning together for the better part of a decade, the pair are currently resident DJs at Footwork, a happy go lucky dancing event taking place every 3 months.
Past residencies include some of Copenhagen's most important dancing institutions such as Dunkel (RIP), Jolene, and Rust.

In the following mixtape, the sound is combines House music with African influences on the percussion, hyponitizing Acid on the melody and breaks that lead to polished and vibrating Techno. It is recommended to listen to it at the sunrise to start the day on the bright side.

Mixed Frequency - David Sousa & Mads Schmidt - tederfm

C.K. & Timeman – Øjenkontakt
Karlos Moran - Transgressing The Invisible Threshold
Manmade Deejay – V-Bee
Dream 2 Science – Breathe Deep
tape_hiss – The Panic in Needle Park (Willie Burns Remix)
Arnold Jarvis – Take Some Time Out
Conga Radio – Right Beside You
Joan Bibiloni Band ‎– The Boogie
2 Bit Crew - Peanut Butter & Jam (Central Toast Mix)
S.A.M. – Out of Touch
Strong Souls – Sensual (Let's Work Mix)
Mr. & Mrs. Dale - It's You (New York - London Mix)
Tell – Y'all Feel That Honey (Paradise Mix)
Dreamatic – Audio Trip
B From E - Porno
Sandman & Riverside – Into Your Story (Kai Alcé Distinctive Vocal Remix)
Shades of Love - Do Your Own Dance
La Flavour - Mandolay