Black Lips known for their rowdiest live performance, so we asked them to pick the most crazy one for us

Live in Tijuana, Mexico- 2006?

For our first album with Vice they wanted us to do a live album so we went to Tijuana. The entry was free, as was the booze, and people went completely insane. Definitely one of the rowdiest shows we ever played.


The Black Lips in Tijuana - Music World - VICE

London, England-2008

We were just getting popular in England, and the crowd was pretty crazy. The security started freaking out because it was getting too crazy, so I encouraged the crowd to go crazier. It didn't end well for me because security beat me up after the concert.

Black Lips start a riot at Heaven Club in London! - Juvenile

3.- Atlanta, Georgia, USA- 2013

This was a homecoming show in Atlanta. We had this show at a rowdy Honky Tonk/Country bar that had never had a rock band play. They let way too many people in, and the beer was really cheap. It was brutally hot.

The Black Lips "O Katrina!" (wild live show in Atlanta) Southern Comfort

Portland, Oregon, USA- 2009?

I couldn't find a video of a riot that happened at the San Diego Hard rock hotel, but I remember this show people were throwing glass so we found the guys and got in a fight. That's why we don't have glass at our shows anymore


Black Lips fight in Portland