From early recording days through the modern internet era, the mixtape has been a staple in the musician's arsenal: both as a way of collaboration with other artists and a means to disseminate his music to the masses. Mixtapes have increasingly become an important tool in the way people consume and are exposed to music.

From traditional music magazines through the advent dedicated music blogs, music aficionados have come to acquire an entire catalogue of music at their fingertips through these means. Simultaneously, musicians have been able to utilize these resources as vessels to transport their listeners deep into their worlds.

From Teder, we bring to you Mixed Frequency. An exclusive insight into our close friends' musical tastes, trawling deep into their crates to find those musical gems you just may not have heard yet.

Mixed Frequency - Eva Peel (Deviant Disco) - tederfm

Full Tracklist

Giovanni Christiani -Dancing for Dillette
The Baronet - "Le Telephone 75" (Bernard Estardy) Durur
Himalaya Juri Cimasaka
Tokyo Caroussel
Maraka May East (obscure Brazilan wave band)
Chayell - Beach
The Soft Rock - Slow Down
Sketch for summer Durutti Column Prieur de la Marne Remix
Marvin & Guy - Stratos
Jacques Bon - Virgo Four
Immortal Story of Immortal