Staff Picks – Teder Radio #April

A new studio and a new residence: Teder is now officially surfing the sound waves. Good morning Tel Aviv!

And this calls for some action. We've decided to bring you new programs every month with distinguished guests both from Israel and abroad as well as live performances and special events straight from Beit Romano. Even text programs (??)תוכניות מלל. We've got it all. To help navigate our archives, we've prepared a section organizing selections of programs and events of the past month.


 Teder ♡ Beats

Live From Romano - Kutmah & Mndsg - Kutmah & Mndsg (15.04.17)

There seems a general sentiment that we've put beats behind us, but that's not entirely true. After almost a decade of beats dictating our rhythm in so many ways, part of the musical audience is beginning to ask whether to let be or to let up. But the mini half-day festival (yes we'll call it a festival) that took place at our HQ in Beit Romano was clear proof that everything was still very much alive and well. Check the mix below for one of the highlights of this event, as one of our favourite DJ-producers on the scene, Kutma, combined forces with MNDSGN, who spontaneously joined in. The end product is some easy-listening ambient that will transport you deep into your mind's galaxies.

Peri-Peri Boy

A new show from Moshe Aboutbol, who hosts DJs both from the city and from out. Moshe knows no prejudice. Essentially a mix of classic and new house, minimal sounds, and some dub techno thrown in their too. A strong and sturdy groove.

פריפריה בוי - משה אבוטבול - משה אבוטבול (19.04.17)

The Technician's Revenge

So, we had this strange moment where we realised that our technicians are effectively the ones who absorb and listen to the most material in the office. The amount of folders and records that pass through their hands every day is absurd. Absolutely mad. And so we dedicate this one to you. To the technicians. This is your hour.

נקמת הטכנאים - מסיבת גן עם גיא גפן - גיא גפן (19.04.17)

The Central Station Tachana Merkazit

In the last few years, The Block has established itself as a temple for music pilgrims flocking from all over the country. This is partly owing to its strict, no-nonsense approach to high-quality sound, vibe and music selection. Resident DJ's include Amichai Matias, alongside others, whose mix we've shared below. Tachana Merkazit is a program that will leave you with the most up to date music for those raves whisking you magically into the early hours of the morning.

תחנה מרכזית - עמיחי מטיאס ומשפחת הבלוק - עמיחי מטיאס ומשפחת הבלוק (13.04.17)

Pop Up Mini Club

The truth is that we opened this one slightly apprehensively. Then again, it was fun to discover that we enjoy the same things: over one long weekend we converted our small room into a mini club. A very crammed, crowded and sweaty mini club. Rest assured, it was popping off.

You'll be able to find all the recordings of the additional sets from that weekend in our archives. But in the mix below, we've opted to deliver a glimpse into the successful Caribbean connection that was established that night.

פופ אפ מיני קלאב - הקשר הקאריבי - הקשר הקאריבי (12.04.17)

DIGGERS – South Africa Special with Yoav Sa'ar

In this program, recorded in neighbouring record store BVRLY, selectors give us a glimpse into a niche they love. In this episode, Yoav Sa'ar (of Garden City Movement and Abu Disco but really so much more than just that) takes us on a journey deep through the jungle of South African (friction? פרקשיין?) and synth.

DIGGERS - יואב סער - ספיישל דרום אפריקה - יואב סער - ספיישל דרום אפריקה (05.04.17)

Dead Malls/RAGUM w/ Omri Cohen

Which music aficionado doesn't want to be the one that was first to discover artist X? Which music collector doesn't want to be the one who introduced X to everyone else? Precisely the point. No such enthusiast exists. It's paradoxical. And that's why you'll want to start following Omri Cohen, the youngest selector in the city, on a program that has been rolling around for some time but has only recently come to light. 

Dead Malls - עומרי כהן - עומרי כהן (26.04.17)