From early recording days through the modern internet era, the mixtape has been a staple in the musician's arsenal: both as a way of collaboration with other artists and a means to disseminate his music to the masses. Mixtapes have increasingly become an important tool in the way people consume and are exposed to musicFrom traditional music magazines through the advent dedicated music blogs, music aficionados have come to acquire an entire catalogue of music at their fingertips through these means. Simultaneously, musicians have been able to utilize these resources as vessels to transport their listeners deep into their worlds.

Mixed Frequency is an exclusive insight into our close friends' musical tastes, trawling deep into their crates to find those musical gems you just may not have heard yet.

Today we'll be working with Ozen Maral, a prominent figure on the Istanbul music scene. Not only is he one of the founders of Deform Music record store, he is also a well-known promoter in the city and event manager of the underground Arkaoda Club. Maral's sets combine an eclectic display of music, bringing forgotten tones of Africa, alongside disco and Oriental influence. Without further ado, here's a set he kindly prepared just for us. He calls it Nuts.

Mixed Frequency - Ozan Maral (Deform Music) - tederfm

Full Tracklist

Luie Luie - Touch of Ligh
Robert Ashley - Ms. Ona Speaks
Kurtis Scott - Uncrowned Champion
Rebolledo - Life is Strange, Life is Hard, Life is Great
Eric Cosaque - Guadaloupe Ile de mes Amours
Pit Troja - Der Voodoo Mann
Masumi Hara - Abuku
San Ul Lim - Echo in Mountains Carpet on my Mind
Elisa Waut - Russia Local Suicide
Trash Company - I Don't Mind
Florian din Transilvania - Intoarcere in Cerc
Manuel Ferrero - Fela
Tyler Von Jeebes - TVGB'S
Quartz - Cool Get Up
DJ Bert & Eagle - I Am Your Master
Promenaders - Stranger on the Shore