From early recording days through the modern internet era, the mixtape has been a staple in the musician's arsenal: both as a way of collaboration with other artists and a means to disseminate his music to the masses. Mixtapes have increasingly become an important tool in the way people consume and are exposed to music.

From traditional music magazines through the advent dedicated music blogs, music aficionados have come to acquire an entire catalogue of music at their fingertips through these means. Simultaneously, musicians have been able to utilize these resources as vessels to transport their listeners deep into their worlds.

From Teder, we bring to you Mixed Frequency. An exclusive insight into our close friends' musical tastes, trawling deep into their crates to find those musical gems you just may not have heard yet.

This week, we introduce you to Elijah Simmons and we'll let him do the talking.

"This mix was recorded in my home studio in London, with 2 turntables, 2 CDJs, a mixer and a little distortion unit on the master, on clean boost for that extra warmth. It's a collection of records that I'm really into recently - you'll notice there's two tracks from the Pilotwings album that came out in 2016; yes I'm really into it! Usually a big no-no to use two tracks from the same artist on a recorded mix, but you have to go with what feels right. Other standouts are the Samo and Pedrodollar edit (it's free somewhere online, so go and grab it) and Restart from Bocaj - this synth jazz jam with a crazy crash's and hi-hats pattern. Woosh!״

Mixed Frequency - Elijah Simmons - tederfm

Full Tracklist
My So Called Friends - Michael Gracciopo
Kiiged - Ruutu Poiss
Christrance - The Pilotwings
Leave it up to the Doc - San Proper
Yomogi - Pillotwings
Untitled B1 - Juju & Jordash
I know - Hi Mount & CK
Rusty Acid - Samo & Peter Nordkvist
The Thing - Crackboy
Primavera May - Antenna
Floor (Alternate Version) - Paperclip People
Restart - Bocaj
In the Sticks - Adesse Versions
ZHF (Poppers Mix) - JZbel
Bobbletekno (DJ Sotofett's New Age Mix) - Prins Thomas
Anthony Naples - El Portal
Caitlin Ross - Palmbomen