Staff Picks – Teder Radio #March

A new studio and a new residence: Teder is now officially surfing the sound waves. Good morning Tel Aviv!

And this calls for some action. We've decided to bring you new programs every month with distinguished guests both from Israel and abroad as well as live performances and special events straight from Beit Romano. Even verbal programs. We've got it all. To help navigate our archives, we've prepared a section organizing selections of programs and events of the past month.

Abu Disco

Trailblazing duo Abu Disco, composed of Yoav Sa'ar and Atar Meiner, crushed the scene at our ridiculous Purim party we had at Teder HQ. The cross-genre show with heavy synth influence and equally glamourous guest, Tai Rona was one to remember. Have a listen below. It kicked off.

אבו דיסקו - מארחים את תאי ״אבו דיסקו״ רונה - עטר מיינר ויואב סער (18.03.17)


The promoter behind some of the hottest shows in Israel is not one to be pigeonholed. As evidenced by the mix below, he is also a delectable DJ. We've gone on to take a page out of his notebook and picked up two new hobbies: going abroad and buying records. And that suits us just fine.

נרנג׳ה - ערן אריאלי - ערן אריאלי (10.03.17)

Hakolev (The Hanger)

Yoni Levin AKA Shuzin ain't got no time for sleep. So we brought him a microphone, got him onto Ableton and told him to fuck around for a bit. The result: a new show where he will be hosting a different artist every episode, taking us on some misadventures editing, chopping and mixing different tracks accompanied by wonderfully nonsensical discussion. First guest in the sesh is close friend Dorj.

הקולב - שוזין מארח את דורג׳ - שוזין מארח את דורג׳ (08.02.17)

Hasfog (The Sponge)

Allow us to introduce Hip Hop collective and magazine Hasfog on their first show on Teder. For those who missed it, they've also published some interesting articles in our magazine. We definitely recommend you check them out -

הספוג - מגזין היפ הופ ישראלי - מגזין היפ הופ ישראלי (23.02.17)


Lel Kol Hagruzim // Red Axes @ Romano

This one took us quite a while to recover from. Hagruzim's takeover of Teder HQ was so lit that we were coughing into the early hours of the morning from all the smoke that was raised. You've got all the past events in the archives so we've taken the liberty of choosing the tastiest set from the founders of Beit Romano and put it right here.

ליל כל הגרזנים - Red Axes Dj Set At Romano - Red Axes Dj Set At Romano (20.01.17)

Haflalteder w/ Fortuna and Saranga

Tears of Anise streaming down your cheeks. Hand over that set of china plates, have your mad Greek mother cook up a storm and then watch her smash it before your eyes because that is effectively what this set is. But, we can assure you'll still feel at home, even with the volume on blast.

חפלתדר עם פורטונה | סרנגה שר קזנג׳ידיס - פורטונה חלק 2 - פורטונה חלק 2 (08.03.17)

Flash It

One need not necessarily love reggae and dub to feel instant connection with such an interesting and fruitful set as the one produced by Ron "The Lion" AKA Ranking Levy. No doubt the powers of Jah are always at the right frequency with him. This time we've got a special with Denise Emanuel Brown.

Flash it - Ranking Levy ספיישל דניס עמנואל בראון - Ranking Levy ספיישל דניס עמנואל בראון (14.02.17)

Ride the Wave

A debut show from our friends from the north – PNGWNG CRU. The next generation is apparently already here and they're clearly killing it. Find them explaining their love for autotune here.

לעלות על הגל - PNGWNG CRU - PNGWNG CRU (01.03.17)