Tamir Muskat, one of the busiest and most diverse producers of the local music scene, launched a new label this year - Ape Records.

The label's world view is correlated with the new spirit of the music industry, that doesn't view the traditional album format as the exclusive or leading means for today's creative process, and they're releasing another individual single, that continues to put a strong emphasis on the visual side as well. Muskat continues his tradition of guests in this new song and video, which is lead this time by Elisse Akowendo, a relatively anonymous singer from the Ivory Coast. Elisse was born and raised in a devout christian home. As a young boy he was brought up on Gospel and took an active part in a church choir. Several years ago he arrived to Israel as a part of a choir exchange program, fell in love with Tel Aviv and has been living here ever since, working under the radar as a percussionist, singer and frontman. Muskat discovered Elisse while he was digging through the web for musical treaures, and their encounter quickly lead to long hours in the studio, which resulted in a mutual track with African-Electronic vibes, combining Elisse's traditional side and Muskat's contemporary production, and sung in a combination of English and Baoulé, Elisse's native language. The video was edited, directed and produced by BONAMAZE.

Here is their new video, I Dey Shina, alongside Tamir Muskat's top 5 African tracks.

Konono No.1 - Paradiso

Konono No. 1 - Paradiso

One of my favorites - They plugged their kalimbas into distorted megaphones and put African music in a whole new place.

Boubacar Traore - Mali Twist 

mali twist 1963 boubacar traore.wmv

A classic! The king of African blues.

Die Antwoord - Enter the Ninja

Die Antwoord - Enter The Ninja (Explicit Version)

The Answer!

Roger Ballen

Roger Ballen's Outland (2015)

Not a musician, but one of my favorite artists! From South Africa.

DJ Malvado ft Edy Tussa - Zenze

DJ Malvado Feat. Eddy Tussa - Zenze

Because Ori Kaplan turned me on to this track ;)