TEDER.FM - Teder Day&Night


Teder Day&Night

12 hours of music in Beit Romano - Live shows, kicking DJ Sets and one hot Canadian guest

Day - Teder floor - 16:00 > 21:00

A celebration of electronic music, beats and fun in the sun vibes

Concerts - Xen | DORJ | Cohen | Autrakic

DJ Sets - Noga Erez | Tom Koren | Danny Vak

Night - Teder floor + Romano + Mini Club

Starting the night with a live performance of one of the most important Israeli bands right now in the world - Red Axes (!) with a debut band gig of their newest album


After the performance we split into two dance floors which travels from the warm soundsystem of the Romano, to the intimate mini club in the lower floor

Mini Club - Naduve + Hectik

Romano - Beverly Soundsystem + Project Pablo

מיני קלאב - נדובה + הקטיק

Patrick Holland (AKA Project Pablo) ran away from the coldness of Canada with creating blurry, melodic and euphoric House music. After his intensive world tour, he'll arrive to Israel straight to the amazing Romano soundystem