TEDER.FM - Teder Cruise - Brazil


Teder Cruise - Brazil

Teder Cruise - Brazil
Going on a cruise to the unknown with a brazilian music special

After his secsuessful solo ep on "garzen" recordes,
and preformed with Red Axes in the most importent
stages in the world, Abrao coming to our romano house 
for a full live show
Jam Tropykilia
a vergin jam with some of the most intereting musicians in the  industry.

they going to take us to a journey between brazilian and american groove.

Yoni Levin - (Shuzin/Uzi Navom/j'aul)
Uzi Ramirez - (Ramirez Brothers)
Jonatan Rozen - (Tigris/Armon)
Oded Aloni - (Tigris)
Yael Rosenblt ( percusions) 

Dj Sets:

Markey Funk//Avigad//Noa Argov 

The three selectors will focus on their portugese shelf's .
Bosa nova, tropykilia,psychedelic & new brazilian electronics.